Carter Centers and Services

The Carter Centers for Brain Research in Holoprosencephaly and Related Malformations is a collaborative initiative among sponsored Centers of Excellence in the field of holoprosencephaly.

Participating Sites

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Dallas, Texas

Mauricio R. Delgado, MD
   Medical Director
Michelle Christie, MD
   Clinic Director
Nancy J. Clegg, RN, CNS, PhD, CCRP
   National Holoprosencephaly Project Director
Debbie Baldwin, BS, CCRP
   Neurology Research Coordinator

Phone: 214-559-8411 | Fax: 214-347-4813 | Email:

Kennedy Krieger Institute
Baltimore, Maryland

Elaine Stashinko, RN, PhD
   Center Director

Phone: 443-923-9146 | Fax: 443-923-9145 | Email: